We are aware of an issue with certain responses from the API and UI with regards to communication provider lookups. It seems that Ofcom can't maintain their own standards and keep changing the way they format the files we download. As we are also in the middle of redeveloping the service from the ground up, we may be a while updating things. Please look out for an email detailing this soon.

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Top 10 Queried Number-ranges

Range Count
1. 073681 8
2. 075371 4
3. 073685 4
4. 073683 4
5. 078898 4
6. 073684 3
7. 073597 3
8. 078892 3
9. 073686 3
10. 079077 3

Top 10 CP Lookups

CP Count
1. Telefonica UK Limited 41
2. Sky UK Limited 31
3. Hutchison 3G UK Ltd 14
4. EE Limited ( TM) 6
6. Stour Marine Limited 4
7. None 4
8. EE Limited (Orange) 2
9. Colt Technology Services 2
10. BT 1

The original site was developed in 1 day by 1 man, Yannick McCabe-Costa, a telecoms engineer who was fed up of having to trawl through multiple Excel spreadsheets to find out information about a telephone range holder.

A few facts about getCP:

  • Free to use
  • Coded in an afternoon
  • Has over 200 visits a day
  • Processes more than 400 lookups a day
  • All made in Vanilla PHP
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• Yan, the dev of getCP

getCP is provided free of charge and is run as donation-ware. If you like getCP and find it useful, please consider making a small donation to support the development of it and the servers that it runs on. Should you wish to make a larger donation than that given here, firstly, thank you, and secondly, you can do that once logged in on your "My Account" section.

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